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Comprehensive Dental Services in Parsippany, NJ

Five Levels Of Dental Care

Deciding which dentist is right for you can be a daunting task. At Dr. Rauchberg's office, we are committed to helping you find the care that's right your family. We understand that you're, and so are your views about dentistry. Our goal is to help you achieve the oral health and beauty that you desire. Dr. Rauchberg and our team will explain your treatment options so that you can understand them fully, then respect your decisions.

Because personalized care is the cornerstone of our practice, we offer five levels of dental care to meet your expectations, whatever they may be....

Emergency Care

If you experience a dental emergency, such as knocking a tooth out, intense mouth pain, or swelling, call us immediately. We will see you as soon as possible, which in most cases is the same day.

Remedial Care

For patients seeking a "quick fix" instead of a dependable treatment plan for long-term oral health, we use the term remedial care. Short exams and quick solutions don't yield optimal results, but they do require minimal time and money. These patients often hope that fate will treat them well rather than seeking reliable dental work that will last for years.

Self Care

Those we have deemed self-care patients are interested in long-term solutions and value optimal oral health. They request a comprehensive oral exam and treatment plan. However, they choose to hold off on major dental work temporarily. We monitor the oral health of our self-care patients with regular checkups and exams, and we are prepared to move forward with their master treatment plan at any time.

Complete Care

Like self-care patients, complete care patients appreciate optimal oral health and  a comprehensive oral evaluation. Instead of waiting for major dental work, though, they move forward with a well-designed treatment plan that focuses on overall oral harmony and health. We work with complete care patients to create a dependable, predictable dental future, rather than leaving future to fate.

Wellness Care

Our wellness patients are interested in excellent health and beauty. They understand how dental health relates to overall health. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and the pursuit of extended youth are a way of life. We will help our wellness patients in their efforts by connecting them with like-minded resources for health and fitness.

Many patients begin at one level of care, then proceed up the ladder as they prioritize oral health, overall health, beauty, and wellness. However, we will respect your choice of care and help you in the best ways that we can. If you would like guidance in choosing the level of care that's right for you, please ask us for assistance.