Preventive Dentistry for Parsippany Families

Periodontal disease and improper oral homecare can lead to dental problems, and at Rauchberg Dental Group, we want patients to keep their teeth for a lifetime. Regular exams, cleanings, and homecare routines will prevent many dental problems. If we detect periodontal disease, our hygiene team can stop the problem, rid the mouth of disease and infection, and provide options to prevent recurrence.

Our preventive dental services include:

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NEW: Nomad Portable Digital X-ray Unit

Rauchberg Dental Group prides itself on staying on top of the latest technology in the dental field. We now offer digital x-rays through our portable digital x-ray unit. This piece of technology weighs less than five pounds and works great with children, patients who need assistance or patients who have dental fear. This helps us save time and produces high-quality images of patients teeth to ensure the best treatment options we can offer.