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Orthodontics – Parsippany, NJ

Receive Custom-Tailored Treatment from Our Orthodontist

With a full-time orthodontist on our team, Rauchberg Dental Group is now more prepared than ever to offer your family dentistry services at every stage of their dental development. Adults and children alike can get straighter, more beautiful smiles. Patients have trusted our team with their children’s smiles for years, and now, we offer extensive orthodontic treatment options for people of any age who wish to straighten their smiles in the comfort and convenience of our familiar Parsippany, New Jersey dental office. Because we’re already familiar with your child’s smile development, we’re able to offer the most precise and effective orthodontic treatment plans. Adults interested in orthodontic treatment may find our less noticeable, quicker treatment options like tooth-colored traditional braces and Invisalign more appealing. Explore your options for orthodontics in our Parsippany, NJ dental office on this page. 

Traditional Braces

Closeup of smile with traditional braces

Traditional metal bracket and wire braces have been relied on for decades and remain the most frequently used form of orthodontic treatment. Depending on the extent of your misalignment, braces may be worn for two or more years. During this time, you need to visit our dental office regularly to have brackets and wires adjusted to ensure treatment progresses according to plan. Our dental office uses high quality, low profile materials for optimal comfort minimizing irritation and soft tissue damage. We recommend children receive an orthodontic screening around the age of seven or eight, so our team can recommend early orthodontic intervention or start planning for future treatment.

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Tooth-Colored Braces

Closeup of smile with tooth-colored braces

Ceramic braces function essentially as traditional metal braces do, but rather than being made of metal, they are constructed from clear or tooth colored ceramic brackets and wires. Depending on your goals, treatment can take several years, but we can also talk about a more cosmetic approach that aligns only the visible teeth. This solution is great for image-conscious adults and teens.

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Closeup of patient placing an Invislaign tray

Quickly becoming one of the most popular orthodontic options, the Invisalign system uses a series of clear, plastic alignment trays to gradually shift teeth to their ideal position. Like traditional braces, Invisalign relies on consistent pressure to gently move the bite into alignment. Unlike traditional wire and bracket braces, alignment trays can be removed in order to allow you to maintain your regular oral hygiene routine and continue eating your favorite foods. You can even remove their aligners for photos or special events meaning your professional image remains polished while your oral health improves.

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Oral Appliances

Woman holding up her orthodontic oral appliance

One part of orthodontic treatment that many patients aren’t as familiar with is oral appliances like retainers, expanders, and cribs. These appliances are custom crafted to assist you in your alignment and development goals. Some of the most commonly used orthodontic appliances are retainers. Many patients need to wear these throughout their orthodontic treatment, and often, retainers are needed to ensure that you maintain your results after treatment.

Expanders are used to reduce crowding so teeth are easier to shift into position. Cribs are used to help patients avoid bad habits that cause dental alignment issues. Tongue cribs redirect tongues that press against teeth when patients chew, swallow, or speak, and thumb cribs are an appliance used to break children of thumb sucking habits.

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Cost of Orthodontics

Woman with braces smiling

How much are braces? If you are asking yourself this question in preparation for what you might hear at your upcoming consultation, you’re not alone. This is the most common inquiry patients have regarding orthodontic treatment. At Rauchberg Dental Group, our team wants you to know that your smile is invaluable and no matter the cost, you should never feel as if you can’t improve your oral health or aesthetics. Understanding how much your out-of-pocket expenses will be when moving forward with braces is important, which is why we want to break down the different factors that can contribute to the overall cost and what you can do to improve your smile without breaking the bank.

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