Root Canal Therapy in Parsippany

No Referrals Needed with Our In-House Endodontic Specialist

If you have a toothache and need root canal treatment, you may be wondering: Will root canal therapy hurt? With modern dentistry's anesthetics and our caring team's attentive care, you will experience very little discomfort. In fact, your pain is because of the root canal infection--not because of the treatment. Root canal therapy will alleviate the throbbing and aching of your infected tooth. Rauchberg Dental Group has an endodontist on staff, Dr. Marc Moskowitz, who can perform your root canal therapy.

When is Root Canal Therapy Needed?

You have a higher risk of root canal infections if your tooth is decayed, damaged, or cracked. Vulnerable teeth allow the same kind of bacteria that causes gum disease and plaque to gain access to the interior of your tooth. Avoiding toothaches is easier if you adhere to regular dental checkups, so we can spot problems early and treat them before they seriously impact your oral health.

You may have a root canal infection if you're experiencing:

Our in-house endodontist, Dr. Marc Moskowitz, offers comfortable, efficient root canal treatments. Don't suffer! Infected teeth can lead to worse problems if not treated quickly and appropriately. If you're experiencing a severe toothache and you need an emergency appointment, we can usually accommodate you same-day. Our compassionate professionals do all that they can to ensure your comfort and to alleviate any treatment anxieties you may have. Rauchberg Dental Group will take care very good of you!

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Rauchberg Dental Group offers root canal therapy for patients in Parsippany, Pine Brook, Montville, Lake Hiawatha, Morris Plains, and surrounding communities. You can rely on us for the best of endodontic care. Don’t suffer the discomfort of a toothache a moment longer! Call us now!