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Tooth Extractions – Parsippany, NJ

Create a Healthier Foundation for Your Smile  

At Rauchberg Dental Group, we understand that there’s no substitution that can compare to your natural teeth, which is why we always try to preserve them if they’re affected by an oral health problem. However, in some cases, we’re able to save more of your natural teeth by removing a severely decayed or damaged one to keep the problem from spreading. After we’ve taken care of your tooth extractions in Parsippany, NJ, we can walk you through all of your tooth replacement options so that you don’t have to go a day without a complete and healthy grin. Give our dental office a call today to learn more.

Reasons Why Tooth Extractions Are Necessary

woman with a toothache who needs tooth extractions in Parsippany

As a general rule, dentists only recommend tooth extractions as a last resort, but in some circumstances, it may be the best way to create a healthier foundation for your smile. We may suggest extracting a tooth in any of the following situations:

  • A severely damaged tooth cannot be repaired.
  • Decay has destroyed much of your tooth’s structure.
  • Gum disease has loosened one of your teeth.
  • A tooth is impacted below the gums and risks infection.
  • Your teeth are overcrowded.
  • An accident caused irreparable oral damage.

If you’re experiencing any out-of-the-ordinary oral symptoms or are experiencing dental sensitivity, a severe toothache, or have a noticeably damaged tooth, don’t hesitate to contact our office and schedule an emergency dental appointment.

The Process of Removing a Tooth

dentist in Parsippany holding an extracted tooth in a dental instrument

The details of your procedure may vary based on which type of tooth extraction you require:

  • Simple tooth extraction – If a tooth has fully emerged from the gumline, we can gently rock the tooth back and forth with a clasping tool until it breaks free from the connective tissue.
  • Surgical tooth extraction – A tooth that is impacted, or stuck underneath the gums, will need to be surgically extracted. This will entail one or more additional measures, such as making incisions in the gums to expose more of the tooth or breaking the tooth into smaller pieces and removing them individually.

Every patient’s situation is unique, and we’ll make sure to carefully explain what you can expect before your procedure begins. We’ll also ensure your mouth is numb so that you’ll have a pain-free experience in the treatment chair.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

man lying on a couch and holding a cold compress to his cheek

We’ll provide you with some instructions to follow after your tooth extraction, which will most likely include:

  • Keep the gauze in place over the extraction site for about an hour. Then, change out the gauze as directed. This encourages a blood clot to develop.
  • Take prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication as outlined in your treatment plan.
  • Reduce pain and swelling by holding a cold compress to your cheek in 10-minute intervals.
  • Do not spit, rinse your mouth, or blow your nose for at least 24 hours. This could dislodge the blood clot.
  • Do not smoke or drink through a straw for 72 hours.
  • Stick to a liquid or soft food diet for the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise to prevent blood from being diverted away from the extraction site.

If you experience pain, bleeding, or swelling that does not subside – or even grows worse – after three days, we urge you to call your dentist in Parsippany. That way, we can address any potential complications as soon as possible.