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4 Tips for Preventing a Dental Emergency While on Vacation

June 20, 2021

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woman flossing to prevent dental emergencies in Parsippany

The summer months are prime time for vacationing with family or friends. Still, there is always the threat of a dental emergency spoiling the fun. The good news is there are steps you can take to limit the chances of having a dental mishap. As you continue reading, a local dentist lists 4 ways to prevent dental emergencies in Parsippany.

#1 – Pack an Emergency Dental Kit

Of course, you want to prevent a dental emergency from happening, but it’s still in your best interest to be prepared just in case one occurs. By having an emergency dental kit, you can decrease the severity of an injury or other forms of dental trauma that can happen.

Here are some of the main items you should include:

  • Cotton gauze
  • A handkerchief
  • Saline solution
  • A small container with a lid
  • Over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen (Advil, Aleve or Motrin)
  • The contact information (office number and email address) of your dentist

#2 – Step Up Your Water Intake

Not only is drinking water essential for staying hydrated, but it also helps to remove debris and bacteria from your mouth that could contribute to a dental emergency. Additionally, it aids in your body’s saliva production, which also plays a key part in regulating the pH level inside your mouth and fortifying your oral health.

While it’s perfectly okay to indulge in some of your favorite beverages while on vacation, don’t loose sight of the importance of drinking water. It’s an easy way to protect yourself.

#3 – Swim Carefully

Medical professionals are well aware of the potential dangers of summer swimming. That’s because they see an uptick in patients with swimming-related emergencies during this time of the year. Because children are especially at risk of having dental and other types of medical emergencies, they shouldn’t be running on slippery decks or diving into shallow pools. Otherwise, they could be left with a chipped, cracked or dislodged tooth.

#4 – Pay Your Dentist a Visit

It’s always a good idea to visit your dentist at the start of the summer. In addition to having your teeth thoroughly cleaned to removed plaque and tartar, you’ll receive a careful examination. Therefore, any budding issues can be addressed before they lead to a dental emergency while you’re enjoying your summer vacation.

As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is better than 10 pounds of cure.” By taking the necessary steps beforehand and planning accordingly, you can enjoy all the fun and excitement that summer has to offer in a safe manner!

About the Author

Dr. Alan Rauchberg earned his dental degree from the Temple University School of Dentistry. Throughout his career, he has fervently sought more knowledge by taking over 100 hours of continuing education annually. Additionally, Dr. Rauchberg maintains professional affiliation with the New Jersey Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry and other organizations. He provides summer checkups at Rauchberg Dental Group, and he can be reached for more information or to schedule a visit through his website.